Though I took with me from school the basic principles of Chiropractic, I believe incorporating various healing modalities is the only effective treatment to achieve optimum health in today’s world.

Chiropractic has been built of the premise that the body can heal itself if all obstacles are removed that prevent optimum function of the brain and nervous system. While this is true, our current environment deems this an impossible task. With the introduction of herbicides, pesticides, pollution, plastics, synthetic drugs, and processed foods as a main staple in the American diet, our systems are constantly bombarded by things that produce toxicity and reduce optimal system functioning.

And while I practice Chiropractic, I do not believe that this one sole healing art can do all things. I believe that life experiences and stressors manifest into physical disease processes if ignored. I believe that diet affects that ability to hold an adjustment. I believe that vitamin and mineral deficiencies diminish nervous system function. I believe that stress weakens the muscles and soft tissues and without addressing that, the body will elicit recurrent findings which ultimately become chronic. I believe that lifestyle affects the ability of the body to heal itself.

And while I believe in Chiropractic, I do not believe that one treatment style is superior to another. Each patient’s physical and chemical make-up is different and each patient responds differently to each treatment style. Therefore, I incorporate and combine techniques styles dependent upon the patient’s needs. I utilize the following techniques in my office: Diversified Technique, Gonstead Technique, Thompson Technique, Sacro-Occipital Blocks, the Toggle Method, Activator Method, the Percussor and the Arthrostim and the Impulse Tool.

In my practice, I approach each patient individually. With each treatment, various modalities are used depending on the needs of the patient. Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Vitamin and Nutritional Counseling, and lifestyle modifications are incorporated into the treatment plan. A patient may start treatment with one technique, and in determining effectiveness, end with another or a combination of technique styles. I find that this approach shortens the treatment time, speeds recovery, and is ultimately more effective.