Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins and supplements have become increasingly more in vogue in the past twenty years. Understanding each substance’s importance, its affect on the body, and an individual’s current health is crucial to determining necessity.

Vitamins serve as buffers in the event that your diet does not meet your daily requirements fully, but they will not and cannot replace whole food. A healthy balanced diet consisting of nutrient rich foods and minimal saturated fats is essential to run body systems. Yet the old belief that a proper diet is enough to run body systems is a fallacy.

Supplementation, on some level, is necessary for optimization of the human system. With a highly processed food diet and mass food production, the average diet lacks sufficient nutrients for health. The RDA was established in 1941 to prevent disease due to vitamin deficiencies in the military and civilians. And while these levels did prevent disease, they did not create health. Throughout the years, the recommended daily allowances have been adjusted as research and scientific progress occurs, but the main goal is only to prevent disease.

While there are several supplements that can be taken regularly for general health, many vitamins and herbs should be taken for short periods of time to improve health and general well-being.